Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Brawl O' The Day - Roderick Strong vs Davey Richards

Brawl O' the Day is your daily fix from the world of wrestling. Featuring tremendous matches from all across wrestling, Brawl O' the Day will wow you with big names and educate you with lesser known stars of the indie circuit.

Today's brawl features Roderick Strong vs Davey Richards at a PWG event. Forgive the sub par camera work, these two really know how to put on a show even if PWG doesn't know how to tape it. For those of you who are used to WWE, this is a very different product, and a very exciting one at that. This match is also only a couple of minutes long. Many people excuse poor televised wrestling by pointing to short match times. I believe matches like this prove that a quality product can be put out in a short time. Not nearly as short as a match between Jimmy Yang and the Amazing Red that I'll be posting next week, but that's a different story for next week. Until then, enjoy Roderick Strong vs Davey Richards in a top notch match-up.

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