Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Roundup - 6/8/2010

The Daily Roundup! For all the stuff that just didn't fit anywhere else. . .

Last night, TNA X Division Champion Amazing Red attended Raw Live in Miami. He Must have uploaded an out of context tweet every thirteen seconds he was there. He also announced that he would be attending Fatal Four-Way on the 20th.

Jim "JR" Ross stated on his blog that the NXT Invasion angle featured at the end of last nights RAW was the most exciting ending to a RAW in years.

Chris Jericho tweeted that he was on a rooftop in LA, presumably shooting for his new gameshow "Downfall."

Season Two of WWE NXT begins tonight. Early coverage will be posted tomorrow morning with an in depth review this weekend.

Eric Young successfully proposed to longtime girlfriend Sarah yesterday. He proposed on the beach in Miami, where everything in the world happened yesterday (I call it, the RAW effect).

Last nights three-hour Raw, starring actors from the A-Team movie, scored a Nielsen rating of 3.1, down from their average 3.3.

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