Thursday, June 10, 2010

Daily Roundup - 6/10/2010

The Daily Roundup! For all the stuff that just didn't fit anywhere else. . .

Unlike his Undertaker character, who is in a vegetative state after a mysterious attack, Mark Callaway is doing fine. He had surgery on his fractured orbital bone (the bone with your eye sockets and nose if I remember correctly) and will need eight to twelve weeks for recovery. He injured the bone in a match with Rey Mysterio and the coma story was WWE's way of writing him out for a few weeks.

TNA Knockout Daffney is set to return to the ring for the next round of TNA tapings.

TNA's Dixie Carter tweeted about a surprise happening at Slammiversary.Anyone who didn't expect a surprise has clearly not been paying attention to TNA recently, as surprises seem to be their bread and butter. Speculation on a possible entry for Shelton Benjamin, Mickie James, or Gregory Helms has been popping up, but I'm not sure if their non-competes have ended yet.

A nifty little interview with TNA's Frankie Kazarian can be found here.

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