Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jeff Hardy Drug Charges Dropped

Well, most of them. Back in September, shortly after leaving the WWE, Jeff Hardy was arrested and charged with felony possession of cocaine, felony drug trafficking, felony maintaining a dwelling for drug distribution, and conspiracy to traffic opium, and misdemeanor possession of drug paraphernalia. At the time of this posting, the North Carolina Court System only list only conspiracy to traffic opium. The rest of the charges have been dropped. This charge is interesting because it was added to the list in January. After brief research, I cannot say definitively if this is a lesser or greater charge, but I speculate that one charge is less than the other three.
All that said, I seriously doubt the charge will stick. He was never caught in any sort of transaction and I've never heard of any conspirators. Considering Hardy's well known history of drug abuse, it's my opinion that he was just stocking up so he didn't have to leave his trailer until his non-compete ran out. He'll probably get some sort of slap on the list, but I doubt they'll get a hard conviction.

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