Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Daily Editorial: Finishing on the Edge

After almost twenty years in the game, Adam Copeland is going to call it quits. Sometime. In a year or two. “I may have two more years. With each injury, it's harder and harder to come back.” Stated Adam “Edge” Copeland in the prestigious Asheville Citizen-Times. I'm honestly a bit disappointed. My first decent feud was Edge vs Cena in 2006 (yes, that makes me a baby to wrestling, but, as you can tell, I've made up ground fast). Edge was probably the best heel WWE had for a two or three year stretch (until the Age of Orton really sunk in, but even still, Orton's matches are hardly consistent). Edge kept the crowd angry and could still wrestle a good match. His ladder matches with the Hardys defined the stipulation. He was my favorite for quite a while.
Now, don't assume I actually believe Edge is leaving next year. He's a wrestler, he'll be doing WWE or indies until he's sixty, or so the trend goes. In all honesty though, I kind of hope he's telling the truth. In a time where Flair, Hogan, and every friend they made in the retirement home are coming back to flop around the ring and juice one more time, I kind of like the idea of Edge retiring at age forty, and STAYING retired.
Edge, you've had a good run. You're still in good shape and you'll have a great last two years. Leave it at that. Do us all a favor and depart as a legend, not bumping and bleeding for one last fix.

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