Saturday, June 12, 2010

Brawl O' the Day - Ted Dibiase Jr vs KENTA

Brawl O' the Day is your daily fix from the world of wrestling. Featuring tremendous matches from all across wrestling, Brawl O' the Day will wow you with big names and educate you with lesser known stars of the indie circuit.

Today's match is between Ted Dibiase Jr (now famous in the WWE) vs puro legend KENTA. This is a great demonstration of KENTA's puroresu style, a stiff Japanese form of professional wrestling that is often billed next to MMA bouts. Dibiase is notably American, but blends well with the puro style, showing that a good wrestler will adapt to his environment. A good match, though a bit longer that my other uploads. Enjoy!

Note: If it is not obvious by now, this match comes in two parts. So watch the first video and the the second for maximum effect.

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