Friday, June 11, 2010

Brawl O' the Day - Takayuki Mori vs King Shisa

Brawl O' the Day is your daily fix from the world of wrestling. Featuring tremendous matches from all across wrestling, Brawl O' the Day will wow you with big names and educate you with lesser known stars of the indie circuit.

A very good mat based contest between Takayuki Mori and King Shisa at Dragon Gate's Wrestlejam a few years back. While the match is much slower than most American and even Japanese contests (especially Dragon's Gate's usual lucha-libre), this is still a very interesting match. It is fought in a lucha influenced folkstyle with Lancashire influences. On a side note, if anybody knows exactly who the technical announcer is (I want to say Mike Quackenbush but I could be way off), he is one of the best indie announcers I have ever heard. Generally, indie announcers don't know a headscissors from a frankensteiner (there is a difference), but this guy is really sharp, especially with the ground stuff.

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