Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brawl O' the Day - Ultimo Dragon vs Rey Mysterio Jr on WWE Smackdown

Brawl O' the Day is your daily fix from the world of wrestling. Featuring tremendous matches from all across wrestling, Brawl O' the Day will wow you with big names and educate you with lesser known stars of the indie circuit.

 Today's brawl is between WWE favorite Rey Mysterio Jr and, world renowned wrestler, Ultimo Dragon. This contest follows along the theme of yesterday's match: A short match with a lot of pop. This match is about four minutes, long, but the frenetic lucha libre action makes up for the short schedule. These two workers put on a great show and, if you pay attention to the commentary, builds a feud. The context was Taijiri (on commentary) and Mysterio over the title, and Dragon being a free agent in the whole conflict. In four minutes, they made fans happy with a solid match, and built an interesting feud. Perhaps the new WWE could learn something from this one. . ?

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