Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Chris Jericho's Downfall

“On the six-episode series, contestants try to answer questions while on the roof of a Los Angeles high-rise. Meanwhile, "the largest conveyor belt ever seen on TV" will send potential winnings (cash and prizes), the player's personal possessions and even friends and family over the side of the building.”
-The Hollywood Reporter

That is the synopsis for upcoming ABC game show “Downfall,” hosted by our very own Ayatollah of Rocknrolla, Chris Jericho. The show will premiere on June 22, 2012, right after hit game show “Wipeout.” It sounds like a pretty strange half hour of television, but so did Wipeout, so who knows. It's going to be interesting to see if he reverts back to his Y2J persona or stays in kayfabe for the show. It's something that Jeroicholics are going to want to tune in for.

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