Sunday, June 13, 2010

Yoshiko Tamura vs MsChif

Brawl O' the Day is your daily fix from the world of wrestling. Featuring tremendous matches from all across wrestling, Brawl O' the Day will wow you with big names and educate you with lesser known stars of the indie circuit.

Today's Brawl is a nice little match between Yoshiko Tamura and MsChif. Tamura is a decent representative from the Joshi Puro scene in Japan and if you don't know MsChif then you haven't watched any women's indie. This match is honestly a bit spot heavy in my opinion, but it's a good introduction to the duo's movesets. MsChif is interesting to me because not only is she beautiful and talented, she is also a monster character. Very few women seem to pull this off well in my opinion.

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